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Introducing the Sensor Hub!

We are excited to open up pre-ordering for our new Sensor Hub. The Hub provides support for six sensors and three relays on a single hub. We based it on Particle's excellent IoT platform, which provides support for either WiFi or 3G mobile connectivity.

Sensor Hub
Sensor Hub Details


New functionality

All of your existing home control functionality + new advanced features

Conditional logic

Add logic to your actions


Build advanced schedules or delay actions


Send Email and Text messages

Home statistics

Track your usage - 2,863,678 stats and counting!



IFTTT support

Use IFTTT Maker Channel triggers and actions with your Insteon devices

Open API

Designed to expose an easy to use API

Open source

We have open sourced our core software



Use existing hardware

Works with your existing Insteon home automation equipment (saving you some green)

Requires Insteon Hub (2242 or 2245)

30 day free trial

Give it a try with no obligation

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